Photo of a Termite

Termite Control Services

Termites. Just the word scares most homeowners because of the damage these insects can do to your home.

They can reside in your home for years before you realize they are there.

That’s why termite control is so important.

Photo of a Termite

If left unattended, these devils will drain your bank account.  How? Termites cause over five-billion dollars in damage to US homes every year.

Like everyone else, they love the Carolinas. Can you blame them? But, they’re not welcome here, since homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover repairs.

Ways to deter termites from entering your home.

  Eliminate or reduce moisture in or around your home.

  Make sure water from gutters or rain spouts runs away from your home.

  There should be no wood on soil near your house.  This might include firewood, dead trees, etc.

  Quickly repair any rotting wood, fascia or roof shingles.

  Install a vapor barrier in your crawlspace to help minimize moisture from reaching the floor joists or subfloor.


Termite Tubes in Crawl Space

Termites in Crawl Space
Termite Tunnels in Crawl Space
Frequently Asked Questions About Termite Treatment

Is termite treatment safe for kids and pets?

Yes.  It took 10 years and around 250 million dollars of research before bringing a new termiticide to the market. And, this one is safe for your family.

How often should we treat our home for termite control?

Liquid treatments need to be re applied every seven years. Bait systems only need to be installed once and refilled every year.

How much does termite control cost each year?

Most companies charge per linear foot. So, it really depends on the size of your home.  Give us a call for an accurate quote.